There’s a revolution happening in nail care. And you’re invited to join. Just walk into a Frenchies Modern Nail Care studio and you’ll know you’re in for something that’s beyond your typical mani-pedi experience.

For starters, Frenchies doesn’t look, smell or feel like a typical nail salon. Our studios are light, open and airy (speaking of air, ours is especially fresh – no acrylics = no nasty chemical smells). We’re super clean. Inviting. And fun in that “I-love-hanging-out-with-these people” kind of way.

Every Frenchies team member is friendly and knowledgeable. Chat us up and we’ll share our healthy nail-care smarts while we get to know you so we can deliver your most enjoyable nail-care experience ever. Sound too good to be affordable? No worries. Frenchies is posh without the price.

Make Frenchies your nail studio and join the revolution today!

Store Hours

Wed-Fri 10-7
Sat 10-6
Sun 10-6

Phone Number

(859) 244-3333